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Who Are We?

Blog Accelerator is run by 6 and 7 figure Bloggers who’ve “been there, done that”

Former accountant turned 7-figure blogger and SEO, Shane Dutka has personally netted over $2million in unrelated niches such as bow ties, to pest control, jewelry, and more, Shane’s track record of success is among the best in the industry.

With a family of 7 working full-time as a telesales rep, Shawn Hill started, grew, and scaled a blog to 6-figure within 24 months. With experience running some of the largest sites in the world, Shawn brings his exceptional talents to the Blog Accelerator community.

Shane and Shawn have teamed up to offer the best SEO and blog building community on the internet. From niche selection, to content and SEO, monetization, linkbuilding and more, Blog Accelerator was founded to help others start, grow, and scale 6 and 7-figure blogs that changes lives and businesses.

who are we

Benefits of joining Blog Accelerator

We help you at every step of your blogging and SEO journey. From launching your blog, to hiring writers, securing links and scaling up.

Get A Proven Roadmap Of How To Create a 7-Figure Blog Fast

Learn from our mistakes and years of trial and error with our proven step-by-step 7-figure blog building program to help you achieve success.

Join a Private Community of Bloggers To Stay Accountable

Join a private community of serious bloggers and digital entrepreneurs so you can learn and stay accountable during your blogging journey.

Build An Automated Cash Flowing Asset You Can Sell

We teach you how to build a blog that you could sell (if you want to) for 6 and 7-figure life changing lump sum cash payments.

Gain the freedom to work anytime, anywhere

Create profitable blogs from any location so you can work from home, a coffee shop, or even while traveling.

Why Join?

We’ve Helped 1,000s Find Success with SEO and Blogs

You get weekly Q&A calls with Shane & Shawn to ensure you get expert guidance along the way so you can be sure you’re going down the right path and getting results fast.

You get expert data-driven tactics not amateur opinions where all coaches have track record of 6 and 7-figure SEO and blog success so you can be sure you’re getting cutting edge strategies that work.

​You get access to Shane’s 7-figure Blog Boot Camp where Shane shows you step-by-step, how to build a 7-figure blog from scratch with “over the shoulder” videos designed to get your blog online and setup for getting traffic within 30 days (or less).

Trusted Experts, Proven Methodology

Shane’s Blogging Boot Camp has propelled dozens clients to success and mix that with the expert insights and track record of our team. The result? A Blog Accelerator that can take anyone from 0 to a 7-figure blog.
Is The Blog Accelerator Right For You?
You’re struggling to start your blog, or get your current one to the “next level” scaling up to the 6 and 7-figure range.
You want to join and be apart of a supportive community of like-minded serious about blog building to help you along your journey.
You’re willing to put in the work, but need a structured program to show you the best way to build a blog based on years of experience.
You want to be in on the cutting-edge (i.e., AI, chatGPT, etc) of what’s working in blog building and SEO right now.
You’re not willing to “put in the work” to build a profitable and successful blog and just want to make money overnight.
You’re not ready to invest in yourself or your business, or you’re looking for the cheapest way to build a blog.
You’re the type who gives up easily, constantly looks for shortcuts, or doesn’t ask questions when they get stuck.
You’re looking for silver bullets or expecting us to do the work for you.
Ready To Accelerate Your Blog?
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What People Say About Us

See What Other Bloggers And Business Owners Have To Say About Us

The great thing about Shane is that he actually built successful SEO driven websites. He’s not a slick “hit and run” kind of guy, he’s got simple step-by-step strategies that just work. You’d be crazy not to work with Shane. You’ll avoid some serious mistakes and you’ll save a lot of time.

Arie Van Tujle

Home Inspector

SEO is one of those things that can seem like “snake oil” to some folks. The thing about Shane is he’s been able to combine great SEO with revenue driving tactics that actually get results. I’ve known him for years, and he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

Brock McGoff

Men’s Fashion Influencer

I was one of Shane’s first students and asked Shane a ton of question to help start and grow my website. What’s great about Shane is he’s so willing to share everything he’s done to grow his business, it helps me to see actual real life examples of the concepts he teaches. Shane’s the real deal.

Anthony Tijuan

Web Developer

Ready To Accelerate Your Blog?
Join The Waitlist And Get Notified When We Open Up!

If you’re going to learn this SEO and blogging from anyone, Shane’s your guy. He’s done it himself before multiple times with his sites and he’s worked on our site as well. He’s walked the walk and it’s not another guy just talking the talk.

Brian Ruther

E-com Business Owner

Shane really knows what he’s doing when it comes to blogging and SEO. He’s well-read, well-researched and if anything is changing in this sphere he knows about it. If this is the business model you want to get into Shane is definitely worth your time.

Joe Brusca

Dropshipping Business Owner

I’ve been working with Shane for about a year now, and I have to say I can’t recommend him enough. I’ve worked with a lot of people in the digital content business, worked with some of the biggest companies in the financial niche, and I haven’t met many people of the quality of Shane Dutka.

Brenton Flynn

Financial Business Owner

How Blog Accelerator Compares To Other Options

Learn Our Best 7-Figure Blogging and SEO Strategies

Other Courses

Run by non-experts with minimal (if any) track record of 7-figure blog success.

Videos that lack any real substance, are just powerpoint slides, or don’t teach you anything.

Strategies that are based on “feelings” and theory not actual experience or data-driven facts.

Led by bloggers who only make money blogging about blogging.

Outdated tactics and strategies that don’t actually work or could get your blog penalized by Google.

Minimal, if any, updates throughout the year leaving you behind the curve.

Clear step-by-step “over the shoulder” videos to go from zero (or any skill level) to launched blog.

Led by 6 and 7-figure bloggers with a proven track record of success in a range of niches and monetization strategies.

Weekly expert group coaching and 1:1 support to ensure you’re going down the right path.

Monthly review of 50K+ blogs so you can get into profitable niches and avoid saturated ones

Learn “conversion rate optimization” or CRO to optimize your blog for maximum earnings and revenue potential.

Templates, SOPs, and workflows used in our blog business so you can scale your blog to 7-figures

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Have Questions? Here Are Some Answers…
Is This Just Another Course or Coaching Program?
This is a private paid community of blog builders, SEOs, affiliate marketers, and digital entrepreneurs. Inside you have Shane Dutka, a 7-figure blogger and Shawn Hill, a 6-figure blogger both available to answer your questions and mastermind with you. Inside Shane also provides his 7-figure Blogging Boot Camp, which is a blueprint of how to go from 0 to setting up your blog capable of 7-figure success within 30 days (or less). We offer weekly group coaching to answer any questions you have, or 1:1 support for more specific advice to help grow your business.
I need help Finding a niche, can you help?
Yes, the Blog Accelerator is designed for those who want to build a new blog or grow an existing blog. If you’re starting a new blog, we have a database of over 50,000+ websites we analyze each month to determine which niches are more profitable (and least competitive) right now. Not only do we share this list inside the community, but we produce a monthly report exclusively to members. This way you are setup with a niche that works for you and your goals.
Do I need a Blog To Join Blog Accelerator?
You do not need a blog to join Blog Accelerator. The Blog Accelerator is designed to take anyone from complete beginner to advanced blog builder and SEO expert. So if you have a blog, we’ll be able to “get you to the next level” but if you’re just starting out, we can help you too.
I’m New To Blogging Is This Right For Me?
Yes. The 7-Figure Blog Boot Camp is recorded “over the shoulder” where Shane builds a brand new blog alongside you so you can see each step we take to decide on niche, topics we select for content, how we promote the blog, and how we get the website setup. The community is also a crucial addition to our product so you can get advice and tips from others in the group using the same program you are.
I’m Not Technical, Is This Right For Me?
Yes, many of the members that have worked with Shane and Shawn who went on to start a blog did not know the first thing about starting a website online. Shane’s 7-Figure Blogging Boot Camp is designed to get your blog online, regardless of technical skills. It’s designed to be a “download this” and “upload that” and you’re done. As long as you have a good attitude and ask questions if you get stuck, you will succeed inside Blog Accelerator.
What Happens After I Sign Up?
When you sign up, you will get an email invite to join the community. The invite will drop you into the community where you can introduce yourself and start going through the programs.
👋 A Note From The Founder

Hi there, I’m Shane Dutka. I used to be an accountant living that 9-5 life grinding away each day, but everything changed when I started my first blog in 2016 (bow ties). After realizing that bow ties was too narrow of a niche, I pivoted to pest control in 2017 then quit my job in 2018, now I am a full-time blogger and SEO.

To date, I have started 7 blogs from scratch and sold 6 of them for over $2million dollars. I have also grown existing blogs from $30K/mo to $200K/mo. I have taken all that I have learned from building 7-figure blogs over the last 6 years and launched BlogAccelerator.com so you can learn the same blogging and SEO skills that changed my life. Skills that will help you build an automated SEO driven blog and turn it into a cash flow generating asset for you or your business. The cool thing about blogs is they can be operated from anywhere in the world, so they make for a great lifestyle business.

I started the Blog Accelerator, to be a “one stop shop” blog building program for people like you to learn the basics to get a blog online, but also help experienced bloggers scale to 6 and 7-figure heights. Believe me when I say, I know there are dozens of “how to make money” programs out there or “how to blog” programs, but few (if any) are led by someone with the track record and experience found inside Blog Accelerator.

See you inside,

Start, Grow, and Scale A 7-Figure SEO Driven Blog
Even if you’ve never been able to get SEO or blogging to work.